How do I join?

Join our Skurt community by signing up for an account via the Skurt app. Once you’ve created an account and verified your mobile phone, head over to the menu to complete your account information.

Bear in mind we need two hours to fulfill a reservation once verification is complete! We recommend new users provide 24 hour notice when placing their first reservation.

Please note the email address and phone number you use is our primary method of communication with you, so you'll want to make sure you check them regularly and maintain account information!

During the approval process, you’ll be asked to provide:

 - A valid, up to date, hard copy driver’s license scan
 - Accessible mobile phone number in your own name with SMS and smart phone capabilities
 - Payment method in your own name

Only provide your own information. Entering another person's information (e.g. a parent or significant other) may result in your membership being declined. Shared accounts are ineligible for membership.

Non-US driver's will be asked for some additional information to verify their identity and driving history.

If any information is unclear, you may be asked to re-submit information, or provide additional information.

Skurt verifies you meet its membership eligibility requirements by checking public records.

Additional Drivers on a Trip:

Skurt requires every driver be verified through the app. Please have any and all additional drivers create and complete a Skurt account and contact our support team with their account name and phone number so the account can be reviewed.

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